Street, Dirt, ATV’s and everything in between! Never miss out on a ride because your bike’s in bits needing some TLC! 

  • Basic Servicing – Oil, Filters, Lubrication, Adjustments, Full check over. All makes and models.
  • Detailed Servicing – All basic items plus chain and sprocket change, brake pads (if required) and bike strip down to check for wear items and potential maintenance issues.
  • Bearings – Never start a ride with work wheel, head stem, swing-arm or linkage bearings. Not only do they have a massive effect on the performance of you’re bike, but they’ll usually end up failing at the worst possible time.
  • Fork Service = $160 (inc Oil) + Parts (various options for seals / bushes and springs)
  • Top End or Full Engine Rebuild
  • Tyres – Free fitting it purchased through us
  • Safety Certificate – We are an Approved Inspection Station

We can help with almost any problem your having with your bike, please contact us to discuss any time!